Try Again, Fail Better

Try again, fail again, fail better; a famous saying by Samuel Beckett has become
an essential aspect of this project. Our metaphorical journey started with a common
interest for traveling. We, Adine and Hiu Jen, had major dreams to build an ultimate
transportation vehicle which could carry us to Vietnam. However, during the process
of constructing our first vehicle we noticed that moments of failure or success were
more important than the completion of the vehicle itself. Since it is a taboo to fail in
our society, it is even more sensational to see the benchmarks of failure and success.
Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that the main subject is not about our
arrival in Vietnam. It is about the journey itself, moving from one place to another
and the moments of success and failure.

This art project is a collaboration between two HKU students called Adine and
Hiu Jen. For further information check the website of: try again, fail better.